Sunday, November 17, 2013


Art is about questioning. Let say u draw something and they ask u, what is that? People can't see what's your message. And.. that's what we called as an 'art', explain and give the 'reasons'. Art also is about curiosity, eager and appreciating things that we see, absolutely not with our naked eye. Things that we see from the bottom of our heart. We feel the sincerity, the deepness inside. Every question voice out from mouth are the mark of 'enthusiastic level'

So, in this entry, I would like to share the lovely arts I've taken from Google. 

1. #PieceOfArt Waiting in Grand Central Station, New York City, 2003. 

The woman seemed to be a lonely tourist waiting for someone to come rescue her. She was so amazingly still that she looked afraid to even move.

2. #PieceOfArt Washington Square Park - bench 

3. #PieceOfArt Manipulation photo. Your body choose your head & face. 

4. #PieceOfArt Tiny flowers - The of refraction of lightness. 


5. #PieceOfArt Floated woman ignored in thousand thoughts.

6. #PieceOfArt Gallery of art - expression of mouth. 

When you have the thought, you're in.

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